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I Love Osama bin Laden

I Love Osama bin Laden

Further to Osama bin Laden! Guilty or Innocent? and Osama bin Laden to Slaughter the Arabs and Muslims; the US terrorist leader George Bush was playing with Billy the goat when the so called 9/11 became public!

Hypothetically, let’s ignore the Dancing Israelis, Israeli Spies Caught Celebrating 9-11, 9/11, Mossad knew; Jack Shepard for Congress, Part 1, CNN on Jews Did 9/11, and Zionist Jew admids that Israel planned 9/11 (U Tube). But, how can we ignore the fact that the bin Laden clan members were escorted out of USA by the US government while all other planes were grounded!

9/11 of 1967 - DEAD IN THE WATER, 9/11 of 2009, Synagogue Bomb Plot -Latest Zionist Publicity Coup, Questionable Nigerian Bomber and silence thereby; what do we know about the Time Squire Bomber? compel full and open Inquiry about 9/11 of 2001 without any secrecy whatsoever!

Afghanistan! Another Ancient Crusade of Our Time!, Belgian Prejudice and Bigotry, Beyond Zionised American Terrorism, Do You Call It Witch-Hunt or Muslim Hunt? and encourage us to believe, 9/11 was pre-planned evil act to divert attention from the Israeli Holocaust Continuum.

Considering all of the above, I have to make a new T-shirt, “I Love Osama bin Laden”. I do so, on top of reasons and grounds outlined in Faruque Ahmed’s T-Shirt.

Oh, the big brother got cornea based technology to detect and detain criminals from the space! Why don’t they apply the same tricks with Bini?

Osama bin Laden! Guilty or Innocent?

Crimes Exposed

Yahoo Questions and Answers

In any civilized society each and everyone is innocent until and unless proven guilty or other wise.

Now, could you kindly let me knew, which court, judge or jury have convicted Osama bin Laden of any crime; let alone terrorism?

Please do not bog down about the so called confession as we have many innocents in the US prison due to "confession" and many of them were cleared by the higher technology and courts.

Most importantly, the brilliant CIA and FBI were so desperate about Osama bin laden! It is not funny!! They have to doctor a photograph of a Spanish politician to make it look like bin Laden!!!

It is sickening.

On the other hand, the case against CIA, FBI and Israel are overwhelming. Many 9/11 Investigations and Reports are smelly.

So, at the end do not forget the word, "beyond reasonable doubt". I say so while I do not like people like bin Laden.

Osama bin Laden to Slaughter the Arabs and Muslims

Crimes Exposed

Bin Laden used t be `morally equivalent of American founding fathers'! Osama used to be the pin up boy of the corporate governments!! Secular and nationalists movements around the world used to be enemies of USA and religious extremists were invented and funded by USA, UK and other entities.

One day, the American Terrorist Leader Bush was playing with Billy the goat and we found out about the so called 9/11. All planes of USA were grounded except those ones escorting the precious Bin Laden clans to safe heavens!

Steel structured concrete buildings of Twin Towers melted like volcanic lava. Yet, the passport of the ring leader Mohammad Atta flew into the FBI desk!

Anyway, none of those so called hijackers were originated from Afghanistan. Yet, Afghanistan was attacked and ruined due to pipe line dream and opium trade. Iraq had nothing to do with Bin Laden or 9/11! Yet, the Illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq is well-known as Iraq: A War For Israel and Iraq pullout would hurt Israel but totally ignored by the compliant media and establishments.

In short they are running a crusade! They are using Bin Laden as a reason. Their modern day Inquisition, Conquistador and Crusade are much more brutal and vitriolic than old ones! Therefore it becomes a must to ask the following questions:

1. Who have elected Osama bin Laden as the leader of the Muslim world?

2. Since when and under what authority Osama bin Laden became spokes person or the undisputed leader of the Muslim and Arab world?

3. Since when and under what authority Osama bin Laden became `Pope' of the Arab and Muslim world?

4. Why Muslims and Arabs have to be guilty of alleged crimes of Osama bin Laden?

5. Who are behind these deadly games and why?

George Bush May Repent and Accept Islam!

Crimes Exposed

Judaism is older than Christianity and Islam! Yet, less than 0.001% people follow Judaism. On the other hand 1 in 4 persons of this world are Muslims. This is happening while the well oiled propaganda campaign against Islam and Muslims are up and running.

So, be ready for this peaceful revolution of Islam.

You can prepare yourself by removing prejudice and bigotry as Islam does not condone these or any other from of racism and sectarianism as demonstrated by the Convent of Omar (RA).

Remember, many defenders of Islam used to be virulent enemies of Islam.

Who knows, one day, George Bush may repent and accept Islam.

Faruque Ahmed’s T-Shirt

Faruque Ahmed is a non-violent community activist. He has been attending debates and discussions in many forums including universities. So far he is regarded and respected for his contribution. His T-Shirts and stickers are deep and thought provoking too. Nonetheless he never had a T-Shirt saying, “I love Osama” or word to that effect.

Yet, some people accused him of having a T-Shirt like I Love Osama! Faruque asked them to provide an iota of evidence in support of their claims. They failed to do so. Nonetheless, they continued to abuse, insult and attack Faruque as well as his race and religion. Surprisingly not many people stood up against those baseless and ill-motivated racist and sectarian attacks mentioned above.

In reality the day (16th February 2003) more than one million Australians marched against war and in support of peace; Faruque asked the “Mexican Bandit” (Micahel Jools) to make a T-Shirt saying, “Stop Zionised American Terrorism”. Jools made a T-Shirt for Faruque, “Stop American Zionism Terrorism”. Faruque had no choice but to use that unwanted version of shirt.

The day (March 20, 2003) America launched illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, Faruque marched along streets of Sydney with his new shirt, “Stop Zionised American Terrorism” made by the “Mexican Bandit” too.

However, attack on Faruque continued with new enthusiasm!

Finally, the day the Deputy Chief Terrorist Leader of USA (Dick Cheney) came to Sydney, Australia – Faruque welcomed him with his new shirt, “Zionist Criminals – I Love Osama Bin Laden”. It was hilarious.

He also went on to welcome Terrorist Leader George Bush with much more fun fare! Five thousand police, ten thousand securities, CIA, FBI, Black Water Security Guards or other vicious dogs failed to challenge him! Faruque was having a motza during that period and made tremendous fun out of useless security maniacs as exposed by the Chaser Team of ABC. Many enthusiastic cameras were following him too and no one was offended for his adventure. However, he was told recently, a few people at a Taxi Drivers Christmas party were offended for his T-Shirt. No wonder why taxi drivers are loosing?

The Truth and Reality at the Sydney APEC Rally and When Cheney Comes in Town vindicated Faruque’s Zionist Criminals – I Love Osama Bin Laden. Yet, Osama is lovable than George and Stop Racist Attack On Faruque Ahmed failed to deter Morons & White Trash fury due to the long lasting impact of Geriatric Islamophobia confirmed by former Prime Minster Paul Keating in Australia and around the world.

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